“I” with a thousand faces




“I” with a thousand faces



One summer evening, I happened to pass by a small square in Paris. A lot of people gathered there. They seemed to just stand or sit without doing anything, but interact silently between “Is”. In the soft light of the dusk, the sight had created some fantastic atmosphere. The afterimage of this small crowd never left my mind ever after, as if it was talking to me continually. This series was inspired by the image at that time and photographed in Paris, Seoul, Tokyo, and India etc.

ある夏の夕暮れ、私は偶然パリの小さな広場を通りすぎた。 そこには大勢の人が集まっていた。人々はなにをするもなく、ただそこに佇んでいて、 彼らは、夕暮れの薄暗いやわらかい光のなかで、静かに「私同士」の交流を行っているかのようだった。


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