Truth is One, Sages call it by Various Names


Truth is One, Sages Call it by Various Names
Ekam Sataha Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti





The title is taken from the famous text of RigVeda, the oldest scripture of ancient India.
In other words, there are many ways to lead to God ; no matter what path you take or what religion you worship, it will lead you to the same place.
India has been a country of philosophy for me for a long time, I was determined to go one day.
I’ve been visiting some places called sacred place for the last few years and in 2018 I spent a month in Varanasi, India.
Located on the banks of the Ganges River, also known as Kashi (City of Light), Varanasi is considered as the religious capital of Hinduism.
The Ganges River, which originated in the Himalayas, flows from north to south, but in Varanasi, its flow changes from south to north and draws a circle.
Almost every day, before sunrise, I went to the Ganges and spent most of my time on its banks. This series can be said to be my pilgrimage to the Ganges.
The rays of the early morning sun spread across the sacred Ganges River, seemed to reflect the light that indwells within us by nature. Hinduism, which 80% of Indians believe in, is a polytheistic religion that is more of a “way of life” than a religion.
They pray for liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth enforced by the law of karma and eternal union with God.
Krishna, one of the Hindu deity say “Call me by what ever name you like; Worship me in any form you like; All that goes to One and Only Supreme Reality.” 


ガンジス川のほとりに位置するバラナシは、カシー(City of Light)とよばれ、ヒンドゥー教の宗教的首都と見なされている。



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