Born in Seoul, South Korea,1963. Traveled to France where she studied photography at icart photo.
Living in Tokyo since 1991.

Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Visual Design, South Korea 
Société Française de Photographie, Paris, France 
Ecole de Photographie de Paris, icart photo, Levallois, France

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016       I and Thou, Gallery Anne Clergue, Arles, France  
2016       I and Thou, Le Salon du Panthéon, Curated by Nathalie Gallon, Paris, France
2016       Alone Together, Gallery Niigata-eya, Niigata, Japan  
2016       Yomogi soshi –who might you be?, Gallery mu-an, Nagaoka, Japan  
2015       Alone Together, Space 22, Seoul, South Korea 
2013       Alone and Together, Gallery Tosei, Tokyo, Japan
2008       Real life, MORIOKASHOTEN, Tokyo, Japan 
2007       I saw you there, Adan Ohana Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 
2003       The beauty of middle-age, foo, Tokyo, Japan 
2003       At the moment of two years old, Crayon house, Tokyo, Japan 
2002       At the moment of two years old, Setagaya Lifestyle Design Center, Tokyo, Japan 
2001       I was born, Galley koubun, Tokyo, Japan 
2000       EXISTENCE, Galley tomos, Tokyo, Japan 
2000       EXISTENCE – Erigeron canadensis, Gallery mole, Tokyo, Japan 

2017       Alone Together, photobook, Noonbit collection 042, South Korea
2014       Yomogi soshi –who might you be?, photobook, Madosha, Japan
2014       Alone Together, photobook, kaya books, Japan
2006       Moon · Sun · Poem · Vegetables, novel, Kadokawa Haruki Cor., Japan
2006       Kurage, a short story in Anthology, Kadokawa Haruki Cor., Japan
2004       LOVE LAND, poems & photographs, PHP Inc, Japan
2002       I am here now, essays & photographs, KAISEI-SHA, Japan.
2001       I was born, essays & photographs, Shohakusya Publishing co., Japan.

Selected group Exhibitions
2017       Festival Regards d’ailleurs, la Chapelle de l’Hôtel-Dieu, Curated by Nathalie Gallon, Dreux, France
2015       Ephémérides Coréennes, as part of the Festival Photo Saint-Germain and the French-Korean Year, Curated by Nathalie Gallon, Paris
2015       the Grand Prize Winners of ShaShin Book Award in Paris, tokyo arts gallery, Tokyo
2015       in)(between record vol.14, Shashin Book Award 2014, in)(between Gallery, Paris
2014       Photo Off – in)(between Gallery, La Bellevilloise, Paris

2016       Steidl Book Award Japan, shortlisted
2016       Kassel dummy award, shortlisted
2015       Unseen Dummy Award, shortlisted
2015       Self Publishing PHOTOLUX Award, shortlisted
2014       Shashin Book Award 2014,  Winner

Public collection
2016       Musée Réattu, Arles, France

2015 –   a part-time teacher, Nagaoka Institute of Design, Nagaoka, Japan